Add additional IP for sending emails on Zimbra server

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If email server’s IP-address gets blacklisted badly, the easiest way to restore deliverability is to add a new IP for outgoing emails.

You can do this with the following commands:

postconf -e smtp_bind_address=”NEWIPADDRESS”
zmmtactl restart

Verify the Zimbra Mail Server IP configuration:

postconf mynetworks

It’s necessary to add the new IP also on Amavisd configuration that it can accept emails from the new IP address. It’s OK to add as many IPs required.

You can do this adding the following line at end of /opt/zimbra/conf/ file.

@inet_acl = qw( NEWIPADDRESS [::1] ),

Save the file and restart zmamavisdctl.

zmamavisdctl restart

Please note, if you upgrade Zimbra, these changes get overwritten.

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