Cryptocurrency essentials

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The list of the best and trusted cryptocurrency news sources, analyzers, explorers, wallets, ASIC mining hardware manufacturers and live price charts.

Crypto exchanges, DEX, P2P

Binance – CEX crypto-to-crypto/fiat exchange.

Bitstamp – CEX crypto-to-crypto/fiat exchange.

Bittrue -CEX  XRP focused crypto-to-crypto exchange with low trading fees.

Kraken– CEX crypto-to-crypto/fiat exchange.

Bitmex – CEX P2P crypto-products trading platform. – Buy Bitcoin with credit card.

Uniswap – DEX ERC20 decentralized finance protocol that is used to exchange cryptocurrencies. (Read more Uniswap) – DEX BSC decentralized finance protocol that is used to exchange cryptocurrencies. – P2P Decentralized bitcoin trading network: trade bitcoin for fiat or other cryptocurrencies. Private by default, secure by design, and free as in freedom. – P2P Hodl Hodl is a global P2P Bitcoin trading platform, that allows users to trade directly with each other and it doesn’t hold user’s funds — locking it in multisig escrow instead. This minimizes the possibility of Bitcoin assets theft and reduces trading time. – P2P Non-custodial crypto marketplace where people buy and sell crypto on their own terms, using any payment method.

Ongoing airdrop lists – List of coming airdrops. – Airdrops list. – Ongoing airdrops.

News, analyzers & explorers

Tradeview – crypto screener.

Tradeblock – live market view, explorer and more.

Coindesk – crypto news. – block explorer and crypto transaction search engine. – The Ethereum Blockchain Explorer – Lists token market caps etc information. – multi exchange / crypto trading bot. It’s impossible to stay awake 24/7, so let the bot do the work.


Ledger – hardware wallet.

Electrum – Electrum is one of the most popular Bitcoin wallets

Metamask – extension for accessing Ethereum enabled distributed applications, or “Dapps” in your browser.

Ethereum forums & chats

Ethereum Gitter – Ethereum github repo chat

Ethereum Hackers – Ethereum hackers on Discord

CryptoDevs Discord – Discord Ethereum development chat

r/ethereum – Reddit general forum about Ethereum

r/ethfinance – Reddit Ethereum financial and DeFi

r/ethdev – Reddit Ethereum Development forum on Reddit

Useful resources for developers

Openzeppelin – battle-tested libraries of smart contracts for Ethereum and other blockchains. – decentralized trading protocol, empowering traders, liquidity providers & developers to participate in an open financial marketplace with no barriers to entry. – rewrite of Safemoon code – blockchain audits.

Certik – CertiK provides fast, rigorous, and affordable audits for smart contracts, blockchain protocols, wallets, ICO crowdsales, and more.

Generate Ethereum address – and private key using PHP – DeFI resources.

Consensys Git – Security tools – Security analysis service for Ethereum smart contracts.

Security 2 – A security scanner for Ethereum smart contracts.

Slither –  A Solidity static analysis framework. – for developing Solidity smart contracts. – useful tools for creating tokens etc. – interactive generator to bootstrap smart contract and learn about OpenZeppelin Contracts

ASIC mining hardware manufacturers

Bitmaincrypto mining ASIC hardware manufacturer.

Innosiliconcrypto mining ASIC hardware manufacturer.