Passive income crypto pays up to a 15% daily – is it real?

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We have seen this year many so-called staking tokens. Most of them just come and disappear with empty contracts leaving at least some investors wondering what happened. Although, some may have done extremely good profits with them. Let’s find out what is Banker.Farm and how it claims to be different when compared for example to BUSD Machine and DRIPP.

Banker Farm Review / BUSDBANKER

BANKER.FARM claims to build the growing ecosystem aiming to gamify crypto investing and making high rewards available for everybody by utilizing a “simple but a genius concept to offer investors the possibility to earn high APR by buying-in rounds and managing investment”. Sounds interesting, but what does it mean? Let’s review Banker Farm as well as BUSDBANKER token and find out if it is legit. Any investors need to find out if the Banker Farm project or BUSDBANKER token is a scam or not before making any decisions.

What are Banker Farm / BUSDBANKER rounds?

First, let’s check what are these so-called rounds? Rounds are different smart contracts users can interact with through dApps. Contracts functions like “miners” that can at least in theory be used to generate passive income. The first dApp of the ecosystem is a BUSD miner native to Binance Smart Chain (BSC), offering binance crypto staking and BSC bsc crypto staking using BUSD. The team announced plans to add BNB miner shortly and expand to other blockchains too.

There is a unique token for each round as each round has its unique smart contract.

How much passive crypto income BUSDBANKER can generate?

The total “guaranteed payout” varies from round to round between 6% to 15% daily. You need to check always the project’s website or the corresponding dApp to confirm payouts for the latest round. The payout is said to be guaranteed as it is paid in round tokens, which can be minted, earned as a reward, and sold using the corresponding dApp. If the project can keep its promises, BUSDBANKER can pay up to 15% passive income, but that’s daily. Which is amazingly high. We will take a later look at how sustainable it can be.

At the time of writing of the Banker Farm / BUSDBANKER review there is a one dApp, i.e., BUSDBANKER that can be used to stake BUSD to mint BUSDBANKER tokens and stake BUSDBANKER to earn more and compound. The same dApp allows users to unstake and sell BUSDBANKER tokens.

Furthermore, there is a 3-tier referral link and stats available as well as the possibility to claim free airdrops. The BUSDBANKER dApp itself is easy to use and it offers an opportunity to earn passive income up to 12% daily plus referrals and airdrops.

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How to earn passive income using Banker.Farm

BANKER.FARM rounds use quite a simple concept to increase your balance quickly. The initial investment you make gets locked and it starts immediately earning you a modest 4% daily base interest in corresponding tokens without any relation to token price (for example in BUSDBANKER miner, for $100 in BUSD invested, you will receive 4 BUSDBANKER tokens). You can sell tokens, reinvest or you can stake them and earn on top of 4% base interest 8% extra daily interest (for example, if you stake 100 tokens you will earn 8 more every day in addition to 4). If you mint & stake, you will earn daily a total of 12% interest!

Simple Mint-Hold-Earn-Repeat method

Using the dApp you can put your BUSD generating up to 12% daily interest. 1) Open the BUSDBANKER dApp. 2) Mint BUSDBANKER tokens 3) Stake BUSDBANKER tokens 4) Compound to maximize revenue. Now you are earning 12% daily passive income.

Compounding i.e., staking grows your balance. However, it’s wise to take some profits gradually in a controlled way i.e., unstake & sell periodically part of your tokens to guarantee ROI.

How the protocol can pay such a high interest? How it can it be sustainable?

That’s an extremely good question, and the answer is very clear. It can be sustainable only in short term, it can not be sustainable for too long. However, the team doesn’t even try to claim it last long. They state very clearly, that each round lasts from one week to a maximum of a few months. Now, that’s something new! They say, you buy, compound, and take profits. The genius thing behind this is that after the contract TVL is next to nothing if not zero, the round ends. Winners took their profits and whoever still holds tokens when the round ends, basically lost. As the team says, tokens become worth nothing when the round ends.

Here comes another genius idea, try to gamify investing. I understand the way they are trying to make it somehow more exciting. Bring things such as high scores, prizes for top investors, even NFTs with a utility such as better payouts, etc. Although gamification is quite nonexistent at this moment, I bet this is going to be a big thing if they can get some traction on the project. And why not? If they manage to build a community that knows how things work, it’s going to be a gold mine for those who know how to play. For newcomers, and for those who don’t understand, it’s going to be a costly lesson of how Ponzi DeFI works. It’s worth of noting they say directly on the white paper that “principal investment…is locked and can not be unlocked”, and furthermore “that interests at each round are paid solely from deposits of other users until the TVL preloader and the Main Token are done.”

Sustainability Features

The maximum supply of each token is fixed at one million meaning no one can ever exist. The team claims the protocol to be whale-proof as the initial investment is locked, so nobody who wants to make a quick profit can’t move a big amount of money manipulating artificially the price at the expense of investors. That may be true to some extent, especially as there are seven days of lock-up for staking rewards, which resets every time you reinvest. That mechanism effectively makes it next to impossible to move funds quickly in and out of the protocol. The maximum amount of tokens that can be sold collectively per day is limited to 40.000. These may be a bit controversial. However, those helps to support the price floor during rounds and increase duration. Therefore, those protects essentially smaller investors who don’t follow markets daily basis. Anyway, it’s good to keep in mind, that the collective limit may kick in and prevent selling when you want. In that case, the only option is to wait 24 hours that limit resets and try again.

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 3-tier cryptoreferral passive income

Banker.Farm has a 3-tier referral system. They pay 5% for tier one referrals and 2% for tier-2, and 1% for tier-3 referrals. It may not sound huge commission, especially if you’re familiar with affiliate marketing in general, but let’s not forget that you can always stake & compound referral commissions earned. If you refer just five or ten users, stake and compound, you can earn quite a nice extra! Let’s not forget also that every five referrals entitle you as an investor (if you have used at least 100 BUSD for minting) for weekly free airdrops of 100 BUSDBANKER tokens. 

 Free crypto airdrops weekly

Banker.Farm offers investors free weekly airdrops. Those grow your balance nicely especially if you stake and compound. To be eligible for airdrop, you need to have at least 100 BUSD used for minting at once or gradually. Furthermore, you need to have referred at least five users. After that, you can claim 100 BUSDBANKER for free every 7 days each time you have referred 5 more. Spreading the word became profitable as you are building passive income thanks to 3-tier referral commissions. You can use the dApp to claim and check your airdrop status.


Banker Farm appears to be a serious project with long-term goals and a clear roadmap. They aim to build gamification features around investing, which is an exciting idea. However, they are not trying to do everything at once, instead, they are going forward step-by-step adding. The first steps have already been taken, and the BUSDBANKER dApp is already operational. Following the project with the great interest especially as they say there are coming things such as Round High Scores & prizes for the top investors, TVL preloader, launching on other blockchains (KuCoin, Fantom, Polygon), “Main Token” launch (holding the full power of the whole ecosystem), Provably fair lottery (daily wins & jackpots for round participants), NFT collection with utility (benefits for holders such as better payouts) and gamification features and visuals! My attention focuses on the “Main Token” launch, and it’s the reason I’m giving it a try for Banker Farm rounds as well as following the project. If they manage to advance on the roadmap and build the community plus launch what they call “Main Token”, that may be a very interesting entry point providing they manage to also gamify the ecosystem.

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What about the team?

 The Banker.Farm team has chosen to stay anonymous which is quite a standard what comes to DeFI projects for various reasons such as teams are in many cases from different countries and the legal status of cryptocurrencies varies from country to country. Furthermore, many have also their day jobs and contracts may restrict what they can publicly do.

What are the risks?

DeFI is in general quite a risky business, but when you pay close attention to your holdings and understand how the protocol in question works, it’s easy to make nice profits. However, always invest only what you can afford to lose. Furthermore, remember to cash out some profits periodically. As soon as you have taken out profits covering the amount invested, you can take bigger risks seeking bigger rewards. In this case, it means compounding more, selling less, and letting your token balance grow fast. It is essential to keep in your mind, that round tokens of Banker.Farm ecosystem are not meant for long-term holding. If you give it a try, you must watch your investment closely, and manage it daily basis, otherwise you are going to just give your money to others.


There are a few controversial things, such as a daily collective sell limit of 40.000 tokens, seven day lock period for staking, and a locked principal investment. However, I understand why those exist. They aim to increase the duration of the round. The word round get’s us into gamification. The team declares, that they are trying to gamify crypto investing, and they tell the rules of the game. You can read “rules” from the Banker.Farm website and BUSDBANKER whitepaper. They even declare openly that interests at each round are paid solely from deposits of other users. This means there will be winners and there will be losers.

It’s not a game of luck, but a game of skills, and it may develop into a very interesting ecosystem. If this were just another “miner” type of project, I wouldn’t touch it. However it isn’t, and if you see it more like a game in which you can win big or lose the principal of the round – depending on your decisions and actions, and become better round after round, it starts looking like quite a genius concept. My conclusion is, that this is very risky, but it may be also very rewarding, even exciting especially if gamification features see the sunrise. If you’re going to “play”, know the rules!

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