Why Zimbra OSC is one of the best email servers

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Zimbra is a popular email server that is known for its robust feature set and reliability. In this article, we will explore the various features and benefits of using Zimbra as your email server, and why it is considered one of the best options available.

One of the key features of Zimbra is its support for multiple protocols, including POP, IMAP, and SMTP. This allows users to access their emails from a variety of devices and clients, including desktop and mobile devices.

Zimbra also offers a web-based interface that allows users to access their emails, contacts, and calendar from any device with an internet connection. This interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it an excellent choice for businesses with a distributed workforce.

In addition to its support for multiple protocols and a web-based interface, Zimbra also offers a number of other features that make it an attractive email server option. These include:

Spam and virus protection

Zimbra includes built-in spam and virus filters that help to protect users from unwanted emails and malware.

Collaboration tools

Zimbra includes a range of collaboration tools, such as shared calendars and task lists, that make it easy for teams to work together and stay organized.

Customization options

Zimbra email server admin interface

Zimbra offers a range of customization options, including the ability to add custom themes and logos to the web-based interface.


Zimbra is highly scalable and can easily handle large volumes of email traffic, making it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes.

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Reliability and security

In addition to these features, Zimbra is also known for its reliability and security. It includes a number of measures to protect against data loss and breaches, such as data replication and backup options.

Overall, Zimbra is a powerful and reliable email server that offers a range of features and benefits. Its support for multiple protocols, web-based interface, collaboration tools, customization options, and scalability make it one of the best email servers available.

Zimbra offers a free version of its email server software called Zimbra Community Edition. This version includes all of the core features of the paid version, such as support for multiple protocols, a web-based interface, collaboration tools, and customization options. However, it does not include some of the advanced features and support options that are available with the paid version.

Free Community Edition and Zimbra Collaboration Network Edition

In addition to the free Community Edition, Zimbra also offers a paid version called Zimbra Collaboration Network Edition. This version includes additional features and support options, such as support for larger email volumes and more advanced spam and virus protection. It is typically used by businesses and organizations that require more robust email server capabilities.


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